New in version 1.1.2.

Inter-process communication


smisk.ipc.shared_dict(persistent=False) → dict

Aquire the shared dictionary which can be concurrently manipulated by multiple processes.

This is a convenience function which aquires a dict type which is shared between all processes running the same __main__ program. By default, this is simply (a imported reference to) the shared_dict() function, returning a hashed DBDict stored in shared memory.

There are other implementations available, which all provide the same interface, making future backend swap a simple drop-in operation.

Example of use in Smisk applications:

from smisk.core import Application, main
from smisk.ipc import shared_dict

class App(Application):
  def application_will_start(self):
    self.sd = shared_dict()

  def service(self):
    # Do something useful with self.sd
      response = self.sd[request.url.path]
    except KeyError:
      # Build response...
      import os
      response = 'Hello! This was built by process #%d' % os.getpid()
      self.sd[request.url.path] = response

  • persistent – If True, the dictionary will persist between application restarts (i.e. the contents of the dict is synced and keept on disk).